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The Artist APPEALS eBook has over 200  color pictures and is easy to read. Plus you also get The Artist APPEALS Workbook, which has over 80+ pages of checklist and worksheets; The Artist APPEALS 1-Page Planner that brings it all together in one place; and The Artist APPEALS online course with over 55 MORE Lessons! 


Learn how you can make you money  with your creativity now! Discover the 7 steps you can start using today to turn your art, design illustration and photography into income with The Artist APPEALS today. 

From: Erin Sparler, Host of The Artist APPEALS podcast
Harrisburg, PA
In 2012, I left teaching as a college professor and started my own business. 

I replaced my full-time income with nothing but my natural artistic talents, a desire to make things and a whole lot of stubbornness and desire to learn! 

The result? I learned the hard way that I didn’t know anything about running an actual business! Lol!


BUT… Since then, I’ve gone on to sell my designs for my business EyeConnect Crafts in stores in the U.S., Canada, and the Islands. Over 300 pieces of my artworks are represented by an art licensing agency. And 40+ images and design are now licensed to big art publishers. 


My book, The Artist APPEALS: How to Make Money as an Artist in 7 Steps, reveals everything I’ve learned AND all the amazing secrets I’ve gleaned from interviewing over 50 successful creatives on the podcast that informed that book The Artist APPEALS!


Inside- this revolutionary book I share with you how to come up with art and design ideas, find your artistic voice, get your work on products, and license your work to make money with your art! 


I also share the quotes and stories of lots of other creatives and the lessons and advice they have about how to make money as an artist.  


You'll learn a simple yet effective technique for focusing on the projects that are going to make you money now. 


The book also has a companion workbook that contains exercises for each of the 7 steps, worksheets to fill out, and checklists to make shipping, conferences, and other tasks simple and easy! 


This book was developed to help you become the successful artist, designer or illustrator you dream of being.


The tips, tricks, tools and advice shared in this book can help any creative business. And The Artist APPEALS 7-Step System for How to Make Money as an Artist will become your step-by-step guide for building a business in the arts. 


This is the book I wish I would have had when I starting my first business. And the the 7-Step System, workbook, and exercises are what I wish I had developed when I was teaching. 


It's taken me years to research, write, develop with the Artist APPEALS 7-Step system.


And this is the first time I’ve shared it all in one place! You’ll only find this offer of the revolutionary book, The Artist APPEALS 7 Step System for How to Make Money as an Artist plus 3 special bonuses here in this page. 
Yours Truly, 

Take a Sneak Peek Inside The Artist APPEALS Book! 

Download The Artist APPEALS eBook instantly. View it quickly and easily from any of your devices. ~ You can open and read The Artist APPEALS on your desktop, tablet, or phone!

This gorgeously designed book has hundreds full color pictures and examples. Check out real life examples from of the most successful artists and creative in the industry! 

  • Read real life artist's stories.
  • Get inspired by the best quotes.
  • And laugh and learn from the "Avoid these  Mistakes" sections!

The Artist APPEALS uses bright colors and a special layout to make reading it easy! Check it out now, in this quick 3 minute video of the PDF ebook of The Artist APPEALS. 


Get The Artist APPEALS: How to Make Money as an Artist in 7 Steps  ebook + 3 Bonuses

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Here's a Look at What You'll Discover When You Get Your Digital Copy of The Artist APPEALS: How to Make Money as an Artist in 7 Steps... 

Introduction pages for the book The Artist APPEALS  How to Make Money as an Artist in 7 steps
  • Quick Start Guide to the 7-Steps of the APPEALS System - Get started right away with a quick start guide and summary of each of the 7 steps.
  • Already established? Jump ahead to the exact step you need in the APPEALS 7-step system to read what you want to master right now!
  • Read the story of the discovery of the APPEALS 7-Step System The Artist APPEALS: How to Make Money as an Artist in 7 Steps! 
  • Save hours and hours. Get the best advice summarized from hours of audio and video interviews with some of the most successful artists working today! The Artist APPEALS ebook includes quotes, stories, even commissioned work workflows derived from the guests of the podcast The Artist APPEALS. We took all the work out of it for you! 
  • From the Experts - Read direct quotes, stories and advice from some of the most successful artists, designers and illustrators working in their fields today. We generated transcripts from the first 2 seasons of the podcast. I then reread and reviewed each transcript looking for the best quotes and the most important facts you need to know. I took all this amazing advice and included it in the book as fun fly-outs and boxes with each of the artist’s stories told in their own words!
  • How Do You Make Money as an Artist? Discover the secrets of how to make money as an artist from real-life working artists. Read their personal stories and find out what works and what does not work right now!  
  • What Makes One Artist Wildly Successful and Another Not? Gain insight into the main attributes you can cultivate to be successful as an artist. Gain insight into the key elements that all successful artists, designers, and illustrators do.
  • What are the Secrets of Success? Discover the top 5 things all successful artists, designers and illustrators do. 
Step 1 ART example pages for the book The Artist APPEALS  How to Make Money as an Artist in 7 steps

In Step 1 ART  You'll Discover...

  • Artistic Genius is Not Required - Why you don’t need to be an artistic genius in order to make money as an artist, designer, or illustrator. 
  • Why Sometimes Simple is Better - Hear why your art, design or illustration don’t need to be a perfect rendering, or even complicated to make you money! 
  • No time? No space? No problem. - Get tips and tricks for making more art faster even if you don’t have a studio or space to work.
  • Got kids? Pick up my favorite tips and tricks for creating work while not losing time with the kids.
  • On the go? Check out ideas for creating work while on the go!
  • Make a beautiful mess! Why do we call art and artwork a beautiful mess? And how can making a mess lead to better art, design and illustration?! Learn ways to get going and how to get loose to create better artwork.
  • Love Bob Ross? Me too! Learn why you should embrace and even celebrate happy accidents!
  • Learn the Fastest Way to Find Your Artistic Voice - Find your artist voice in less than 30 days.
  • Finding your voice: Theme + Style = Voice - What is your artistic voice? Do you have one? Learn how to create your artistic voice through the interaction of a Theme and a Style. 
  • What’s the name of your business? Do you own the domain name? What are the most important things you need to know when choosing a business name?! Careful! If you don't have all these things you might run into problems. Learn exactly what you need to know  in evaluating your ideas for your business’s name and make sure you don’t run into issues down the road! 
  • The intersection of brand, voice, and style…how do you make sure that your business brand, artistic voice and personal style all work together?!
  • Ever see someone whose whole style screams, “I’m an artist?!” In Step 1 we provide ideas and even some examples of how artists create their personal style to brand themselves as “artists” and how you can too!
Step 2 Product example pages for the book The Artist APPEALS  How to Make Money as an Artist in 7 steps

In Step 2 PRODUCT  You'll Learn...

  • The process of turning your art, design and illustrations into a product has a lot of things you shouldn’t forget or maybe don’t even know. I know I made these mistakes the first time I created products from my designs. Don’t make these mistakes too!
  • Discover why done is better that perfect.  
  • Learn ways you can come up with new and original ideas. 
  • Do you have a product ladder? Learn what a product ladder is, why you need one, and what you should have on your product ladder. 
  • What is a revenue stream? And how do you create multiple revenue stream that all flow to your bank account? 
  • How do you price your art, design, or illustration? Do you have a pricing structure? Are you being consistent with your prices? Learn how to price your art, design, and illustration to create consistent and fair prices so that you can sell more and make more.
  • Limited or open edition prints? Which should you choose? Both? neither?
  • What’s pricing your work from the bottom up? What’s pricing from the top down? Learn different methods for pricing your art, design, or illustration and the advantages and disadvantages of each.
  • Collections and bundled sets? What they are, and why you need them. 
  • Get a behind-the-scenes real world example of how I price my designs. 
  • Plus get 6 top tips to boost sales!
Step 3 Presentation example pages for the book The Artist APPEALS  How to Make Money as an Artist in 7 steps

In Step 3 PRESENTATION You'll Find...

  • Want to sell more art, design, or illustration? Don’t miss the tips and tricks in Step 3 Presentation.
  • What is an art collection? What’s an art collection look like? See visual examples.  
  • Want to see your products in the big box stores? Make sure you add certain things to your packaging! Learn what the design of your packaging must have printed on it if you want to get onto the shelves of big retailers. 
  • Don’t Make this MISTAKE! You don’t want to be SUED! Learn this critical thing you HAVE to add to your packaging so you don’t get sued! 
  • Do you know the best way to light, label, package, and display your work so it sells for more money!? See examples of matting, framing and display examples from over 25 plus years of making art in Step 3 Presentation. 
  • Avoid making this BIG mistake that will get your work rejected for display! Hear the true story about the time my work was accepted into a New York Gallery only to be rejected 2 days before the opening!  
  • How do you package and ship your artwork and designs so they are not only safe, but also WOW the customer and keep them coming back for more? Learn to make your packaging an experience.
  • What to keep and what to get rid of in your displays. Learn to evaluate what works and what doesn't to increase sales of your artwork! How does your competition display their work? What could you do similarly, what could you do differently? How will you present your work? Learn all about the ins and outs of Presentation in Step 3. 
  • How do you make your work more valuable? How can you charge more money for your art, design, or illustration? Learn how to increase your work's “perceived value” and earn more money! 
  • When surveyed, everyone wants to know, How do I get my work into boutiques and smaller stores?” Learn the answer to this popular question.
  • Photographing your work - Tips and tricks for photographing your work included. PLUS, don’t forget to check out the special FREE BONUS course How to Photograph Your Artwork only available with this offer!
  • Are you a visual person like me? Want to see booth display ideas and examples? Included in the section on Presentation are tips, trick and examples for how to display your work. Plus get suggestions for search terms to see the best booth designs from some of the biggest conferences! Conferences have competitions for the best booth design!
  • Framing is expensive. Discover money saving tips and tricks for framing your work and still making it professional. 
  • Want to get you work in bigger stores? Learn the terminology for what they call a display, (hint: It’s another acronym). Learn where to get some cool 3D models to mock your work up for presentation. 
  • Do you dream of creating a product line with your art, design and illustrations on it?! Then you’ll want to check out pages -95-98 where former Art Director Joanne Fink steps you through exactly how to plan out an entire product line! 
  • How do you create a collection for art licensing? Maybe you're a visual person like me? ;) I’m guessing you probably are! Want to see booth display ideas and examples? Included in the section on Presentation are tips, tricks and examples for how to display your work. Plus get suggestions for search terms to see the best booth designs from some of the biggest conferences! Conferences have competitions for the best booth design! 
  • Don’t waste your money on craft shows and fairs with 100 other artists, designers, and illustrators! Get great ideas for unique conferences and venues to showcase your work and stand out from the competition.
Step 4 Educate example pages for the book The Artist APPEALS  How to Make Money as an Artist in 7 steps

In Step 4 EDUCATE You'll Discover...

  • Have you ever asked, “Do I have to have a website?” Are you confused and intimidated by all the options? On pages 99-101 I explain the key terms of websites in plain English! And I give you a link to a special page on the website where we research and share the latest and BEST to use right now! I’ve taken all the research and confusion out of it for you!
  • How much money do your collectors or customers earn and why do you need to know this!? Learn what and how to prequalify your customers and stop wasting time on people who can’t afford to buy your work. 
  • What are your collectors or customers' hobbies? What do they like and dislike and why should you care? And why do you need to know this!? Discover why this is important so you can stop wasting your time going places and doing things that aren’t going to make you money. 
  • What's the oldest form of education in the world? Learn what the oldest form of education is and how you can apply it to you work to sell more in Step 4 Educate. Discover why you HAVE to be using this super simple secret if you want to make money as an artist, designer, or illustrator!
  • What is the #1 thing you NEED to be doing in all your marketing materials and everything you write about your art?! Find out what this #1 thing is in Step 4!
  • What do a coloring book designer Joanne Fink, surf lifestyle brand icon Drew Brophy, and hyper-realistic artist Owen Garratt all have in common? Find out on pages 106-107! 
  • Artist statements don’t sell artworkFind out what does. 
  • Why should someone buy your work? Learn why just listing the features of your art, design or illustration isn’t going to help you sell your work and what to write about instead! 
  • When was the first time you KNEW you wanted to be an artist? What’s your story? In the book I share a personal story about loss and how I learned from it. Share in the discovery I made about the act of creation, without having to suffer or go through the same pain! 
  • Writing for your website and for the internet is different than writing an artist statement. Learn how to write effective marketing materials to use on your website and on social media to catch people's eyes and get them to click!
Step 5 Amplify example pages for the book The Artist APPEALS  How to Make Money as an Artist in 7 steps

In Step 5 AMPLIFY You'll Learn...

  • Discover the #1 trick the most productive writers use all the time to write faster and better copy even if they're super busy! Conquer your fear of the blank page with this trick! 
  • Selling isn't just selling - Learn how to sell your art, design, and illustration. Learn how to ask for the sale. Learn simple and easy, but powerful tips and tricks for increasing sales that you can put into practice today!
  • Afraid of sounding dumb when talking to a store owner or licensing company? Fear no more! I've got your back! Throughout the book I share and define tons of the words and terms used in marketing and business in plain English!
  • What do you do about difficult clients? Learn tips and tricks for working with difficult clients. How to manage them. How to deal with them. And not go insane. 
  • Do you know what CTA stands for? Learn what they are and why you need to be using a timely and direct CTA in every piece of copy you write. 
  • What is the one main marketing activity nearly every one of my podcast guests do? Discover one of the most effective methods for spreading your message, growing your followers and even developing collections and raving fans.  
  • Networking is not a dirty word! Creativity is a great way to create relationships. Learn about some of the biggest and best conferences to attend. 
  • Professionally designed and beautifully laid out, this book contains dozens of tips and tricks in the sidebars! Read these alone to learn tons, save time and get links to the latest greatest information as well as extras and bonus materials. 
  • Interested in adding even more passive income into your business? Discover the top methods and things my podcast guests use to create passive revenue and bring more money into their lives.  
Step 6 Art Licensing example pages for the book The Artist APPEALS  How to Make Money as an Artist in 7 steps

Step 6 Licensing and Contracts Includes...

  • Are you afraid selling your art, design, or illustration means “selling out”?! Alter your mindset with advice from leading professionals in your fields who are selling more work every day doing what they love and not selling out!  
  • Let’s talk about “Made in China.” Get the details on the process and how long it takes to have things made in China from a leading CEO of a major craft company. 
  • Do you know the difference between copyright, trademark, and patent? Which one should you be using? In this section I offer valuable simplified definitions of copyright, trademark and patent and what they should be used for. 
  • In Step 6, Licensing I share the actual contractual terms used in real-life contracts for licensing your art, design or illustration! Don’t miss this chapter! It's super informative and important!
  • Do I need a contract? The answer is yes! And no… Read real-life examples and cases from guests of the podcast The Artist APPEALS to learn where they do and don’t use contracts.  
Step 7 Success example pages for the book The Artist APPEALS  How to Make Money as an Artist in 7 steps

In Step 7 SUCCESS You'll Get...

  • Want to Make more Money selling your art, design, or illustration?  Well read the book! Pages 205 -207 list all the different ways and examples of what creatives are doing right now to make more money selling their art, design or illustration! 
  • What success is made of … (hint it's not sugar and spice and all things nice!) In the final chapter Step 7 Success reveals the common threads to success! What ARE the things that our guests do? How did they find success? And how can you be successful too!? Learn from the best! 
  • How much money do you need? Seriously? How much money do you need to make per month and per year to pay your bills, pay your mortgage... to live? You need to know this number! Let's figure it out. In the book we break it down into easy numbers so you can know and understand how much money you need and come up with a plan to earn it!
  • Do you know what 3 things you should be selling? Discover the 3-tier product concept to start building your creative business from a stable base. 
  • What’s a revenue stream? Can I swim in it? No? Learn how you can create multiple revenue streams. Discover different ways to keep money coming in so you don’t have feast or famine issues.
  • Have you tried everything? (Trust me I hear ya!) In the final step, step 7 Success you’ll discover why the APPEALS 7-step system works, how to plan for success, how to measure it, and how to celebrate it!


These are just some of the MANY things -and MORE- you will discover in The Artist APPEALS: How to Make Money as an Artist in 7 Steps! 

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Overwhelmed? Need a clear and simple plan of attack? Plan and See Everything on ONE Page. 

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Planning the first step is the first step!

The Artist APPEALS book comes with an easy to use 1-Page Planner.   

Use this short and sweet 1-Page Planner to map out the 7 steps of your project!

This template comes with easy-to-follow directions, prompts, and examples. The Artist APPEALS 7-Step System 1-Page Planner will be delivered to your email inbox right away. Just download the 1-Page Planner, print it out, and fill it in.

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Use this printable workbook to record everything! Stay on track, get organized, and be stress free with The Artist APPEALS Workbook. 
For example, record all your brand colors and your social media addresses in one easy to access place.  Use the easy-to-follow checklists to plan and pack for your upcoming events. And fill in the blanks to plan out your products, collections and calculate pricing!
This workbook comes with jam packed with 89 pages of worksheets and checklist!
The Artist APPEALS 7-Step Workbook is delivered straight to your email inbox. Just download The Artist APPEALS Workbook, print it out, and fill it in to feel organized and on track now. 

BONUS #3: The Artist APPEALS Online Course
Like to learn by videos? 

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Do you prefer to learn with videos? In this online course I give you even MORE! 

  • Listen and watch in depth bonus lessons by the author.
  • Get in depth explanations that expand on the concepts from the book.
  • See even more pictures, diagrams and examples.
  • And check out even more examples and ideas from our podcast guest for ways to make money as an artist. 

This online course has hours of bonus content and is included with the ebook for FREE!

The online course is worth $350. But as part of the bonuses you get it for FREE! 

[You may be asking, Why am I throwing in an entire course on How To Make Money As An Artist for FREE?!

The answer is because I want you to have everything you need to be a successful artist!  The course provides EVEN MORE BONUS information in videos and lessons that you can listen to, watch and rewatch at your convenience.]


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On the next page... can decide to add on TheCalend'ART Marketing Calendar which has all the dates you might need! It contains dates and locations for the major  industry conferences,  submission deadlines for the major holiday, as well as lists of companies that license artwork!  So if you want all the work done for you, to save some time and effort… make sure you check add the Calend'Art Marketing Calendar to your order.

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I know this seems like information overload, but I’ve done my best to organize The Artist APPEALS: How to Make Money as an Artist in 7 Steps so you’ll be able to immediately get new ideas, as well as tips and tricks you can start using now…

...while having a system you can follow to create and launch your own creative business and sell your art, design and illustration.

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All of this has a TOTAL Value of $390! But as part of this special introductory offer you get everything for 90% OFF! 

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Here's What People are Saying About, The Artist APPEALS: How To Make Money As An Artist in 7 Steps....

 "Bought your book, and the online content too. The videos are very informative... maybe even more information than the book! And the art and voice videos were super helpful!"

- Wendy, DM in FB Messenger

"I like the new design (of The Artist APPEALS course). It is clear, I can see where I am, what is next; I also like a lot the separation between the lesson and the material. It is very helpful. Altogether, thank you for the training, and even more, for the interaction. It feels good to have a structure and be able to exchange, share experience and ideas, and have your professional views on all. THANK YOU."

- Magali Modoux, Artist

“To truly succeed at a thing, you need a plan, a recipe, a blueprint. Those recipes and blueprints are produced by those who’ve gone before you and mapped out the journey so that you can avoid the pitfalls, and the trials and the errors. Success comes the quickest to those who find the right guide. Erin Sparler is that guide, and The Artist APPEALS is your blueprint to a successful artist career. You can spend more than a decade trying to figure this all out yourself, or you can take advantage of this opportunity and get this book!

- David Emmons, Founder: In the business of selling art and craft for 35 years!

“We discussed your books on Friday in my Senior Portfolio class. The students and I really appreciated the content and format of the book. Both books have so many useful tips and strategies. Awesome work!

The 7 steps were very useful. We really benefited from checklists like the one on page 16 and the all warm up exercises in general. And your existing equations were very informative.  The book has so much useful info!

Jon Sideriadis, Author, Illustrator, College Professor

"I’ve been blogging more on both my sites, and the paintings are looking great staring up at me. This course has been great showing me what I already know, and the things I need to come back to at more depth. ... it’s been great!" 

- Chris Shopland, artist

 “I’ve been looking for a book on the business of art to publish for a long time and this is it!”

- Jon Schindehette, The Art Order Publishing

Just Some of the Guests' Stories You Will Hear in The Artist APPEALS eBook.  

On the Podcast, I have interviewed over 50 successful creatives to ask, “How do YOU Make Money as an Artist?!”

Just some of the many amazing artists and designers I have interviewed and whose knowledge and advice is  included in the book are:

Season 1: 

Jo Packham, Editor in Chief of Where Women Create

Ashley Monney, Owner and CEO of Cire d'Abeille Skin Care

Sandra Evertson, Owner of Relics & Artifacts

Denzil Quick, VP Business Development of Spellbinder Paper Arts

Jean Van Bredersode, Owner of Charmed I'm Sure Studio

Phylis Dobbs, Designer and Founder of Art Biz Jam 

Becky Krahula, Artist and Author  

Carla Sonheim, Artist and Author 

Marc Petrovic, Fine Glass Artist

Maria Brophy, Art Agent and Marketing Guru

Josie Lewis, Artist, Influencer and Author  





Season 2: 

Don Maitz, Fantasy Illustrator and Inventor of Captain Morgan

Sergio Gomez, Artist, Curator, Gallery Owner, Podcaster and Creative Entrepreneur

Joe Trojcak, Composer, Keyboardist and Motivational Presenter

Jon Sideriadis, Award-winning Illustrator, Author, and Professor

Patricia Lounis, CEO of MYX Inc.

Cherish Flieder, Artist and Founder of Art Licensing Community

Michael Woodward, Owner of Out of the Blue Licensing

Flora Bowley, Artist and Author

Casper De La Cruz, 3D Artist

Joanna Fink, Artist and Author

Paula Chamlee, Photographer and Author

Jeffery Stoner, Photographer 

Jen Gray, Artist and Professor

Jane Davenport, Artist, Author and Licensed Artist

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 All of this has a TOTAL Value of $390! But as part of this special introductory offer you get everything for 90% OFF! 

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