About The APPEALS 7-Step System

Hi, I'm Erin

{The Artist APPEALS} AAuthor


After years of working as a college professor in the arts, I decided it was time to go into business for myself.

I built a kinesthetic craft company, licensed my designs, and started the podcast The Artist APPEALS asking the question "How Do You Make Money as an Artist?". 

Now I share everything I've discovered to help artists, designers and illustrators master the business of making more money as an artist with the APPEALS 7 step system.

Why The Artist APPEALS?


People ask why I use the acronym APPEALS. Simple! there was a TON of information I wanted to share. And It needed organized. This acronym APPEALS does exactly that!

I want to share everything I have learned and all the amazing stories from the guest of the podcast with as many people as possible. 

Art, design, illustration is a wonderful and meditative thing that can help you get into the state of flow. And we need that more now than ever. 

If you are interested in art, design or illustration, you can run your own successful business in the arts. Learn how here!



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